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Tony Dibbin

Anyone for extra time off this Christmas?

With three months to go until Christmas it might seem early to be planning, but now is the perfect time to get your annual leave requests in to maximise your holiday.

This year, because Christmas Eve falls on a Monday, if you pick the right days to take as holiday you can get 11 days off using just four days annual leave.

But if you work at a company where holiday is allocated on a "first come, first serve" basis, you might want to act fast.

This year Christmas falls on a Tuesday.

This means for most people, Monday 24 is a working day, followed by two bank holidays (Christmas and Boxing Day), then two more working days. New Year's Eve is also a Monday, which means some of us will have to head back into the office unless we plan carefully.

By booking off just four days - Monday 24 December, Thursday 27 December, Friday 28 December and Monday 31 December, you'll end up getting 11 whole days of uninterrupted holiday.

That means when you leave work on Friday 21 December you'll be safe in the knowledge that you don't have to head back until the festive season is well and truly over on January 2.

If you think you'll need a longer break you can get an ever better deal. By taking three days extra holiday (meaning you'll take seven in total) you can net yourself 16 days off.

The extra days you need to take are Wednesday 2 January, Thursday 3 January and Friday 4 January.

If you take the seven days you'll leave the office on the 21 December and won't have to come back until Monday 7 January, well over two weeks later.