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It's the time when we desperately try to flip pancakes in the kitchen, often with hilarious results.

But this year there’s no need to make a mess, or a fool, out of yourself – just pick up an emoji frying pan instead.

The budget supermarket is selling the quirky pan for just the bargain price of just £7.99.

It features seven moulds – including smiling face, shocked face and tongue-sticking-out face.

Photo: Aldi


B&M is now selling pink ‘unicorn’ pancake mix for £1 – all you need to add is milk and your favourite toppings.

The high-street retailer unveiled the mix on Instagram yesterday, writing: “Why not relax and make some unicorn pancakes!

"Just add milk to this mixture and you’ll be able to create PERFECT tasty pancakes easily – ideal to get practicing for #PancakeDay! Who NEEDS to try these?!”

The photo received nearly 5,000 likes from excited shoppers.



Meanwhile Marks and Spencer have launched a GIN sauce for Shrove Tuesday.

The fancy topping - made of 4 per cent strength gin and lemon juice - will cost fans just £2 per bottle.

The treat means you can make boozy pancakes in addition to classic Nutella, honey, or lemon juice toppings.

The new product is only available in store, as it does not appear on the website yet.

It describes the juice as "tart and tangy sauce full of classic, punchy flavour".

Photo: M&S