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It was the new age! It was the new millenium! The world was going to end and computers were not going to be able to handle switching over into Y2K so our whole lives whould fall down around us. Oh wait... that didn't happen... But we did get the Playstation 2, fuel protests across the country, the Sydney Olympics, George 'Dubbya' Bush became president of the US and the Millenium Dome closed after only 1 year.


Madonna- American Pie

Eminem- Real Slim Shady

Robbie Williams- Rock DJ

Bob the Builder- Can we fix it


The most popular movie of the year 2000 was Missions Impossible 2!

But we also hady Gladiator, American Psycho and Cast Away


Who Wants to be a millionaire had the first jackpot winner- Judith Keppel!

2000 was also the launch year for Weakest Link, Big Brother and we watched Corrie's 40th Anniversary LIVE episode

Classic adverts

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