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Homer Simpson arrived in the UK, French and English Channel tunnellers meet and Nelson Mandela walked free.

Margaret Thatcher resigned from Number Ten. John Major became the youngest Prime Minister this century at the age of 47.

French and English Channel tunnellers celebrated when they met up in the middle.

The World Cup took place in Italy and the Three Tenors performed in Rome and made everyone familiar with Puccini's Nessum Dorma.

The famous Hubble Space Telescope was launched for the first time. The World Wide Web became reality as the first web server was created. Iraq invaded Kuwait and plans were launched for Operation Desert Storm.


Vanilla Ice - He was famous for one song, 'Ice, Ice Baby', which contained possibly the silliest lyrics of the decade - 'Cooking MCs like a pound of bacon'. Kids up and down the land learnt his songs and thrust their hands out in strange contortions to show they were street and breakin'. They even had strange tramlines cut into their hair like Ice himself. Although luckily no-one seemed keen to emulate his bizarre off-centre quiff.

MC Hammer - The man with the baggy silk pants was a jack-of-all-trades for the Oakland Athletics baseball team, before he rose to fame in 1990 with songs from his album Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em. He is now preaching the Word of the Lord to packed venues across America.


Pretty Woman - The film that convinced girls everywhere that prostitution was a viable career choice.Millionaire businessman Richard Gere picks up a hooker in Beverley Hills and, before you can say Pygmalion, he's turned her into a princess. The film made a star of Julia Roberts, despite claims that a pair of 'stunt legs' had been used on the promotional movie posters to increase their 'wow' factor.

Home Alone - Macaulay Culkin plays a resourceful tot battling inept burglars when his parents accidentally go on holiday without him. His character pigs out on junk food while devising ever more barbaric ways to dispose of the bad guys, until mum and dad return.



The Simpsons - They began life as a short cartoon on either side of the commercial break in the Tracey Ullman Show in America. It reached our shores in 1990. By the end of 1990 everyone was familiar with the terms 'Eat my Shorts' and 'Don't have a cow, man' even if they weren't quite sure what they meant.

Baywatch - In charge of the lifeguards was Chief Hunk David Hasselhoff who also came up with the idea for the show.The lifeguards patrolled Malibu Beach worrying about office politics and drowning children but did little else.



Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - they first came to life in a black and white comic book in the early 80s but it wasn't until 1988 that the cartoon reached TV sets. The mania that young children had for all things turtle caused parents to queue and even camp outside toy stores to make sure they were able to get the right mutant for their precious child.  Bungee Jumping - It was four Oxford University students who made the first Bungee Jump off a bridge in 1979 and in turn inspired some New Zealanders who spent years furthering the sport of Bungee Jumping. The sport really took off in New Zealand where the world's first commercial jump was opened.