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Alex Lester


Prime Minister John Major launched his 'Back to Basics' strategy to revive Britain's family values, only to discover stories of the odd cabinet ministers indulging in a variety of sordid affairs in the Sunday tabloids. American Football and movie star OJ Simpson was pursued live on TV by police trying to arrest him for the suspected murder of his wife. The National Lottery was launched, The Channel Tunnel officially opened and record breaker and entertainer Roy Castle dies.


Pulp, Oasis and Blur all released definitive records which set the scene for their future success and well-documented rivalries. Retro-rockers Oasis released Definitely Maybe (Live Forever, Supersonic, Shakermaker), Blur released new-Mod album Parklife Parklife - The Best of Blur and pseudo-intellectuals Pulp released His'n'Hers His 'n' Hers - His N Hers .



Four Weddings and a Funeral was a typically British tale of thwarted passion and trembling stiff upper lip. Hugh Grant gets it together with American Andie MacDowell at his friend's wedding, only for her to marry an elderly Scot. Much soul-searching and stumbling around in rainy streets ensues.

Pulp Fiction - Hit men John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson discuss the place of cheeseburgers in the metric system while Bruce Willis saves his former gang boss from a particularly embarrassing and painful demise. Pulp Fiction was accused of making crime look cool, but how many people honestly thought it was cool to end up headless in the boot of a car?



Friends - They spend most of their time either in the Central Perk coffee shop or Monica's flat discussing their love lives and other random events.Friends helped launched the 'Coffee Culture' as did the opening of the first Seattle Coffee Co. in London.



Magic Eyes - Everyone was going cross-eyed trying to see pictures hidden in a mosaic of coloured dots. But basically you could either see the picture or you couldn't, which left half the country convinced they had been the victims of a massive April Fools' joke.The Big One - Not a toy to play with but this was one big toy to ride. The rollercoaster that put Blackpol Pleasure Beach back on the map. It was the tallest rollercoaster in the world and became the ultimate dare for kids and young-at- heart pensioners.