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Pat Sharp

Your Dishwasher Doesn't Just Clean Dishes

If you're fortunate enough to have a dishwasher, you'll probably find it difficult to imagine living without it.

But did you know its capabilities go way beyond cleaning crockery?

Lifestyle experts from online electrical retailer AO.com have revealed a bunch of other clever tricks your dishwasher can perform that will change the way you use your appliance.

Not only is it able to clean other household items, it can even cook your dinner...


Washing veg

If you're prepping for a dinner party, you can save time by washing vegetables in the dishwasher.

For this, use a rinse-only cycle - and obviously don't add any cleaning product.

This is especially useful for particularly grubby veg like carrots and potatoes - just slot your veg into the top shelf of the dishwasher and it's good to go.

Clean clothes

Grimy baseball caps, flip flops and trainers can also be loaded in for a deep-clean — but not at the same time as your crockery, pans and cutlery.

It's also a good way to clean other household items like toothbrushes.

Clean toys

After a child has spent a long day of a playing with their toy, many parents will know it’s bound to come back dirty.

So how about sticking them in the dishwasher? They'll come up like new.

It's worth placing smaller items in a colander or lingerie bag to stop them falling between the racks.

It is recommended to wash them on the lowest temperature and not to put toys with synthetic hair like dolls in the wash, as it may melt.