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Christmas cards 

In the UK we send over 600 million Christmas cards each year; that’s a whole lot of paper, around 1,800 tonnes, the equivalent of 400 African elephants!

· Now Christmas is over, use your Christmas cards to make gift tags, or more cards for next year. 

· Give your old Christmas cards to the Woodland Trust via TK Maxx or Marks and Spencer, where the money raised will go towards planting new trees.

·Recycle your cards in your paper and card recycling container at home. It’s that simple!


·Re-use envelopes - stick labels over the old address and re-seal the envelope. You can even buy little kits made from recycled paper to do just that.

·Use them to write your shopping list on.

·Recycle the rest in your paper and card recycling bin.


Want to recycle one more thing this year. Did you know you can recycle any size cartons in your paper and card recycling. These cartons are also known as Tetra Paks.

Juice, smoothies, milk and foods such as tomato sauce are stored in cartons, simply rinse them out when they are empty and recycle them in your paper and card bin.



What to do with the cardboard boxes your presents arrive in……

·Keep your cardboard boxes. They’re great for storing things in or for moving house and even if you don’t plan to move again, your friends or neighbours might need them.

·Your local school or playgroup might use cardboard boxes for craft projects, or you could try making cardboard children’s toys, such as a post box, pop up puppet theatre or castle, there are some great ideas around.

·Use a cardboard box to collect your recycling in.

·As for the rest. Recycle it in your paper and card recycling bin.


Junk Mail


Make it your New Year’s resolution to ‘say no’ to junk mail

·Sign up to the Mailing Preference Service – To register, contact the Mail Preference Service on 0845 7034599, or visit www.mpsonline.org.uk

·For the junk mail you have already received, please put it in your paper and card recycling container. Make sure the plastic film wrapping is removed before you recycle it.

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