Your Rights!

Your Rights!
What is the CCG and How can we help you?

NHS Bolton CCG is a new organisation. Bolton CCG is a new NHS organisation.

We buy health services for Bolton people and are responsible for making sure that people have the health care services they need, that the services are safe and deliver high quality care.

A major part of our work is to ensure the services provided to Bolton people meet the expected standards set out in the NHS Constitution.

Your Rights…

If your GP refers you for treatment, you can expect to start your treatment within a maximum of 18 weeks from being referred for non-urgent conditions. If cancer is suspected, you will be seen by a cancer specialist within a maximum of two weeks. If this is not possible, the NHS has to take all reasonable steps to offer you a range of alternatives.

If your GP refers you to see a consultant you may have a choice of a number of hospitals. You might want to choose a hospital that has better results for your treatment than others, or one near your place of work or family. Ask your GP for more information.

If you are unhappy with a NHS service and decide to make a complaint, you have the right to. You also have the right for that complaint to be investigated properly. Tell Bolton CCG or your health provider about any issues you may have. We are listening. Contact us via our website here.

The NHS is committed provide services in a clean and safe environment this means free from infections such as C diff and MSRA.

What we need from you in return…

The NHS is a vital resource and we can all help it work well, and ensure resources are used responsibly. We want you to help us protect the NHS. The NHS needs you to:

Keep healthy and take some personal responsibility for your health. Look to self-care where possible. For minor infections, bites and stings, diarrhoea or a host of other minor ailments, pharmacists can provide expert advice and treatment. For more information, please visit our Bolton Health Choices website here.

Follow courses of treatment you’ve agreed to, such as finishing that course of antibiotics your GP prescribed.

Keep GP and hospital appointments – or if you have to cancel, do so in good time so the appointment can be offered to someone else.

Give feedback – both positive and negative – about treatment you’ve received. Please fill in a survey if you are asked to, leave your feedback online at NHS Choices or contact us via our website.

Find out more about NHS Bolton CCG here, follow us on Twitter @Boltonccg or read more about The NHS Constitution here