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Super Bowl - The Best Of The Entertainment

The first Sunday in February saw the grand finale of the American Football season when the NFL held The Super Bowl.


The Seattle Seahawks faced the Denver Broncos, and despite Broncos Peyton Manning's best efforts the Seahawks ran out with a convincing victory.



But the event isn't just about the sport.  There's plenty of entertainment throughout the spectacular including big name music performances at half time.  The game is a massive deal for American advertisers and they spend millions to get air time through the Super Bowl.  The adverts (or commercials as the Americans would say) themselves are quite an event.


So, let's concentrate on what happened during the entertainments.  First, the half time show:



During Super Bowl XLVIII it was the turn of Bruno Mars & Red Hot Chilli Peppers to take to the stage.  See the video below.  How do you think they did?



Now, let's get to those adverts (sorry "commercials").  The Super Bowl is a chance to get your brand talked about all across America, so they tend to put a great deal in to them!


Below are some of the best from American TV during the game:


Introducing the Doberhuahua:



The slightly awkward yoghurt ad:



Bruce Willis getting hugged:



Tim Tebow (a big name player, currently with no team) & the benefits of no contract:



All Brits in Hollywood films are bad guys:



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