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With the fast pace of life, it's easy to miss some of the trends and crazes that happen online. That's why Andy Lawson collates the best videos from the web for you each week!

This week Manchester has been described as the selfie capital of the UK.
But it was in a selfie taken in LA that sparked a recent upturn in selfies spreading like wildfire online.
Well, one of the net's creative types has decided to try drawing that LA selfie with all it's stars.  See the video below to check out how it went:
Zack Galifianakis (the guy from the Hangover films) is back with his "Between Two Ferns" show and this time he "interviews" US President Barak Obama... it's kinda awkward, but it's also a good watch:
Finally for this time, I think this next video will steal the show!
When you were 3 would you have dared speak to your Mum like the kid below does???
He manages to be so cheeky with it, that it becomes hilarious!
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