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What's New At The Cinema - December

**WARNING this page contains several film trailers. These videos are monitored for spoilers and unsuitable content.  But, if there's any you think may not be suitable, please don't watch them** 

 As you'll know if you listen to the show, Andy is a huge film fan!

So, he's here to show you some of the biggest films coming this month:
Christmas is nearly upon us which means films for all the family!  So let's start with the anumations:
Saving Santa
First this month comes a film that stars the voices of Martin Freeman, Tim Curry and many more and see's time travel brought to the festive screen:
It wouldn't be right for it to be the season for animation without Disney getting in on the act too.
Don't worry, the're releasing their film Frozen in December:
Away from the animated movies, it's time for the second installment of the Hobbit.
For those who get it, this is something very exciting indeed.
For those who don't get it, don't worry, I'm the same!
Anchorman 2
Away from all those witches, wizzards and hobbits (I really do know nothing about the Hobbit) there's also the return of everyone's favorite newsreader:
The Harry Hill Movie
Finally, something that could go down as the biggest turkey of the month...
There'll be more here next month.
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For now, enjoy any films you see and if you like this page, I'd love you forever if you shared it to your friends :)