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Pat Sharp

Matt's Army Recruitment Challenge

Saturday morning presenter Matt Munroe attended an Army Recruitment ‘Personal Development Assessment’ at the local barracks.

The first part of the PDA took place in a meeting room and Matt was briefed on his tasks for the day which comprised of a 1.5 mile run, problem solving tasks and team building exercises.

The second part of the PDA was held in a local park where all those that want to join the Army are put through a number of tasks to measure not just fitness, but areas where the Army think they need to train the candidates.

Task 1 was the Tire challenge where Matt and his team needed to put tires in a specific order but only moving them one at a time:


Communication was the entire basis of Task 2 where the team had supplies that were dropped in a minefield. The team weren’t allowed to enter the minefield but they needed their supplies:


The run was the final part of the PDA where candidates needed a specific time for the role that they were thinking of going into.

Overall, it was a great day and Matt said:

“I was actually quite surprised at how much it’s not about strength. The focus is more on how you are as a person and the skills you need not just for the Army, but for life – communication, team working and problem solving just to name a few. I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind being Captain Matt one day!”