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Louis Tomlinson and friends cause trouble in new video!

Louis Tomo RESIZE


Louis Tomlinson has released his new music video for the single 'Miss You'... and you'll either love him or hate him for it!

Let us explain!

Some of you will be watching Louis and his mates travel around town getting drunk and causing mischief and thinking... 'he's so cool, I wish I was out with him'!

Others, will be thinking 'I hope he gets chucked out'!

We're all for Louis causing trouble... so we love it!

'Miss You' is the third solo single from Louis Tomlinson after he dropped the successful Just Hold On' and 'Back To You', with his debut solo album is expected next year.

All the tunes sound different, so expect Louis to show off an array of his musical talents over the next 12 months.

Catch his new music video below... 

CAUTION: There is swearing... but it will also make you want to head out with your mates!